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NCBI Sequence Viewer


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Using the NCBI Map Viewer to browse genomic sequence data.

Wolfsberg TG. Using the NCBI Map Viewer to browse genomic sequence data. Curr Protoc Bioinformatics. 2007;Chapter 1: Unit 1.5.

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This unit includes an introduction to the Map Viewer, which describes how to perform a simple text-based search of genome annotations to view the genomic context of a gene, navigate along a chromosome, zoom in and out, and change the displayed maps to hide and show information. It also describes some of NCBI's sequence-analysis tools, which are provided as links from the Map Viewer. The Alternate Protocols describe different ways to query the genome sequence, and also illustrate additional features of the Map Viewer. Alternate Protocol 1 shows how to perform and interpret the results of a BLAST search against the human genome. Alternate Protocol 2 demonstrates how to retrieve a list of all genes between two STS markers. Finally, Alternate Protocol 3 shows how to find all annotated members of a gene family.