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Contribute a tool!

GenoCAT is a crowdsourced resource. Data visualization tool developers can add their own tools to our website or edit any errors users may come across when browsing through tool pages. Each tool is organized into markdown files and can be accessed via our Github repository.

To add a new tool:

Step 1. Fork our repository on Github.
Step 2. Using, create create a markdown file for your tool and upload it into “_tools”
Step 3. Take a screenshot of your took and name the file “/assets/imagename.png”
Step 4. Upload the screenshot in “assets”
Step 5. Double check and make sure the "images: " frontmatter in your markdown file has the correct path (ex. /assets/imagename.png)
Step 6. Create a new branch for your commit on Github and start a pull request to the staging branch.

To edit an existing tool:

Step 1. Identify the tool under “_tools” on Github.
Step 2. Edit the markdown file
Step 3. Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request

Once submitted, the pull request will be reviewed by the GenoCAT team. For questions, please contact