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Interactive microbial genome visualization with GView.

Petkau A, Stuart-Edwards M, Stothard P, Van Domselaar G. Interactive microbial genome visualization with GView. Bioinformatics.; 2010;26: 3125–3126.

Cited by: 114


SUMMARY: GView is a Java application for viewing and examining prokaryotic genomes in a circular or linear context. It accepts standard sequence file formats and an optional style specification file to generate customizable, publication quality genome maps in bitmap and scalable vector graphics formats. GView features an interactive pan-and-zoom interface, a command-line interface for incorporation in genome analysis pipelines, and a public Application Programming Interface for incorporation in other Java applications. AVAILABILITY: GView is a freely available application licensed under the GNU Public License. The application, source code, documentation, file specifications, tutorials and image galleries are available at